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* Applications include precision target pistols and any 1911 deserving of the world's smoothest trigger pull. It even fits pistols with an oversize trigger track.
* $150.00 for 1911 ultra-light  trigger with lightening holes in pad/bow .
*$ 150.00 for Gold Cup or Para-Ordnance
* Polished  (instead of grooved) pad will be provided on request, without additional cost. Optionally, the pad can be jeweled and/or the bow molybdenum coated (Gear-Kote) for an additional $25.00 per procedure.
*$5.00 Shipping and handling.
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Series 70 Test Pistol
1911 Ball Bearing Trigger

* Hi-Tech, computer aided design, 1911 Ball Bearing Trigger with an aluminum pad and stainless steel bow, made in the USA by Castillo's Custom Actions. An extra wide version is available for Colt Gold Cups and similar models. Allen wrench included for overtravel adjustment screw.
* Drop-in trigger automatically adjusts itself to the channel, eliminating vertical play and creep. Note: The top and bottom of the trigger track must be smooth for proper operation.
New! Gold Cup  Ball Bearing Trigger Test
"Shooting a Gold Cup fitted with a ball bearing trigger was an unusual experience, to say the least. While the pull is 5 lb., it felt a lot lighter. In fact, the trigger was so slick--thanks, in part, to ruby-stoning the track that the little bearings roll on--that it was difficult to feel it moving at all. In other words, there seemed to be zero creep. Consequently, I shot my best-ever, 25-yard, offhand group with a 1911. And I've been perforating targets with Colts and Colt clones for 36 years. In my view, this newfangled trigger should help any Government Model give its best performance at the range."
Rich Cross, Panama City, Florida
Short Pad 1911 Ball Bearing Trigger Now available
Installation Instructions:
Before installing a ball bearing trigger, a 1911's upper and lower trigger track should be polished with a medium grit ceramic stone; such as the "1911 Auto Trigger Track Stone" Product Code 080-721-230, available from Iowa-based Brownells ( at 800-741-0015. It's also recommended that a light coating of gun oil or grease be applied to the track and ball bearings prior to final assembly.

I always like to improve my shooting equipment with new ideas.  I am also very leery of gimmicks that are a waste of time and money.  A while back I picked up an American Handgunner magazine which featured a new style trigger for the 1911.  Which I have been shooting in Bullseye Competition for 20 years now.

I contacted Carlos and had a discussion with him about his new style trigger.  I thought I had handled guns that had a smooth action.  However, after having Carlos install a trigger and doing an excellent action job I am convinced that there is nothing as smooth as Castillo's Custom Actions.

The new style trigger has already improved my shooting scores in Bullseye.  I am sure that it will continue to improve them.  I am convinced that this is not a gimmick, but something that every serious competitor needs to check into.


Jess R. Lopez

Amarillo/The Great Republic Of Texas