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Carlos M. Castillo  

Pistolsmith/Mechanical Engineer

FFL #   1-59-005-01-4L-01106

Contact Information
703 Frederick Street
Panama City, Fl.  32405
850-819-1039 (Mobile)
email: castillocm58@gmail.com


Our Shop has a 9x 49 Full size Milling Machine and we use the finest Carbide tools available should milling be required on your firearm.

Our profesional training at The North Carolina MontgomeryCommunity College  includes:
Action Jobs on Revolvers with Ron Power www.powercustom.com 
Advanced Custon 1911 and 1911 Accuracy with Jack Weigand 
30 years experience as a research Mechanical Engineer 

 Consulting , Design and Structural Analysis services available on prototypes or existing products mechanical products.

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