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703 Frederick St
Panama City ,FL  32405
Cell Phone (850) 819-1039
Carlos M. Castillo - Pistolsmith/Mechanical Engineer
Federal Firearms License #   1-59-005-01-4L-01106
Established in 2001
Contact info
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1911 Ball Bearing Trigger  $150.00
Ball Bearing Trigger
Welcome to Castillo's Custom Actions! We specialize in action jobs and custom work on  1911 type Pistols and all firearms.
We repair all types of firearms, please contact us for more info.
Please step inside and look at our new products for the pistolsmith and handgun enthusiast.
CCA Custom more pics
More pics of 9 MM
Castillo's Custom Caspian 10 mm Auto
Castillo's Custom Caspian 9mm .
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1911 Ball Bearing Trigger with short pad and solid bow 100.00